KICK Review : A Salman Khan entertainer with a touch of glamour & sophistication

KICK Review : A Salman Khan entertainer with a touch of glamour & sophistication

Salman Khan’s movies are always as wholesome come yet full of entertainment. He sets the silver screen on fire with his appeal and charisma. The star carries the bulk of the whole film securely on his shoulders. All he does on screen is simply entertain his fans from  styling, hair style, killer dialogues , walk and dance steps  , he is now the ‘Bhai’ or the iconic on-screen characters he has depicted over the years  from his well-know Prem, Radhe, Chulbul Pandey, Lovely Singh, Tiger for billions of fans  worldwide.  He doesn’t promise ground-breaking stories or art cinema. The focus is on those three mystic words made famous by Vidya Balan: Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. KICK has been directed by Sajid Nadiadwala. This film has magnificence and gloss in every frame and is very international in terms of execution.  The story starts of on a train ride in Warsaw, a beautiful psychiatrist; Shaina played by Jacqueline Fernandez meets Himanshu played by Randeep Hooda, a police officer from India, for an arranged marriage. They share their pasts with each other.  Shaina shares the story of her ex-boyfriend Devi Lal Singh played by *drum roll* the one and only Salman Khan a guy who lived only for ‘Kick’. She talks about his passion and their short-lived romance, until one day he breaks up with her for a new kick and walks away never to return. Himanshu tells her about his glorious escapades and that he has finally met his match an intelligent thief. What they don’t know is that their stories have one thing in common ‘Devil’. He returns back into their lives under a new guise of having lost his memory. Behind it all is a deeper mystery and an uncompromising mission.

KICK marks Sajid Nadiadwala’s engagement is a success. Sajid invokes a worldwide-feel that combines visual brilliance with several sensation episodes.  Sajid and his team of writers guarantee that they need to offer more to the smart viewer than what has been witnessed thus far, since the promos have raised the bar and multiplied their outlooks. That explains why the cat and mouse game played between Randeep and Salman doesn’t follow the tried and tested rules, while the conflict between the Samaritan and the antagonist Salman and Nawazuddin Siddiqui directs clear of the conventional shape. As a the hysterical twists and turns in the storyline are proof that Sajid is going to direct many more cinematically sound films.  KICK has the magnificence in terms of production values that was lacking in Salman’s previous movies. This is a superbly crafted film and Sajid, who has produced larger-than-life extravaganzas in the past, makes sure every frame appears radiant, tasteful and eye-catching. From the outstanding locales of Warsaw or the classy sets, the DoP Ayananka Bose acts as an aide-de-camp and condenses the plush, up market look with competence. The spectator also gets an international feel during the high-octane stunts, action and chases, which garnish the goings-on magnificently. The train stunt is already the talk of town. Also, the chase in Warsaw, with Salman driving a bus, makes you pant in disbelief.  Rajat Aroraa’s dialogue are top-notch.

The soundtrack remains true to the genre of the film and the popularity of ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Yaar Na Miley’, which appears twice in the film, enhances the overall impact.  To state that Salman is the soul of KICK wouldn’t be an exaggeration. He’s dedicated, charming and knowledgeable . Post DABANGG, those who felt that the actor’s movies lacked a cohesive script to match his prominence, are sure to feel satiated with KICK, since the film has it all and does utmost justice to Salman’s aura.  Randeep Hooda is competent, delivering a performance that stays with you.. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a dynamo of talent and KICK gives him the opportunity to cross over to the commercial league. Nawazuddin is simply outstanding, essaying his part with gusto. In fact, it won’t be mistaken to state that along with Salman, Nawazuddin will walk away with applauses after KICK.  Jacqueline Fernandez does very well. She looks great and her dance in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’.  KICK is a quintessential Bollywood blockbuster which promises you entertainment, entertainment & entertainment! It’s an 8/10 from us at the Bollywood Tempest.






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