Ek Villain : A twisted-tale of love & viciousness

Ek Villain : A twisted-tale of love & viciousness


Your standard Bollywood movie comprised of your larger than life hero, his heroine and a villain. We very rarely do you come across a film that forms irrefutable inquisitiveness for the antagonist. Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain is one of these rare flicks. The eye-catching trailers and the spellbinding soundtrack have created substantial interest in the film. Mohit Suri’s treasured Aashiqui 2 has really created much hype for his new entry into Bollywood. The story tells the tale of Guru played by Sidharth Malhotra] is a noiseless, tough and merciless man working for a gangster enacted by Remo Fernandes in Goa. A dark past continues to haunt Guru, until he meets Aisha enacted by Shraddha Kapoor. He falls in love with her and subsequently marries her. Guru quits his job and moves from Goa to Mumbai to start a new life with Aisha. Just when things appear picture-perfect, she falls prey to an attack. Devastated, Guru starts hunting the wrongdoer and is shocked to learn of his seemingly innocent and unassuming identity. Something is wrong and Guru is unable to place a finger on the precise problem. What is the attacker’s intention? Suri uses a completely different mode this time reverse narration whereby the story unfolds after the tragedy has transpired. The story of the gentle moments between the lovers, the turmoil in their lives caused by the villain, the twisted game of cat and mouse and the thrilling twist in the finale. Mohit has the ability of telling stories with embellishment and the tale he sets out to narrate in Ek Villain is no different. Mohit makes Ek Villain a fascinating experience, no two opinions on that. Although a number of movies have focused on serial killers, the talented narrator along with screenplay writer and creative director Tushar Hiranandani makes sure they pack numerous incredible twists that exceed the genre, making it an original experience for the viewer. The trace of rigidity and the violent crimes are entwined expertly with the expressive moments between the lovers and the emotional chaos that the protagonist goes through. The writing, keeps you spellbound right through the finale. As a matter of fact, the rattle between the good and the evil towards the final stages is marvellously executed.

Mohit keeps the proceedings dark, but not repulsive. At the same time, the mercilessness of the antagonist is portrayed without the terrible use of blood, gore and explicit visuals. One has come to expect a winning soundtrack from Mohit in film after film and the music of the film lives up to the colossal hopes. This being his first movie outside of Vishesh Films, a production house synonymous with chartbusters, it’s imperative that Mohit scores on this front as well and score he does. Galliyan, Banjaara, Zaroorat and Awari but Hamdard is a definite favourite, although each of the tracks is very soulful and echo in your memory even after the film ends. Dialogues by Milap are another highlight of the enterprise, garnish the well penned and well executed sequences with fanfare. In fact, Milap, who is known for witty and surprises you with punch-packed lines that beautify the sequences pleasingly. The cinematography by Vishnu Rao completely imprisons the vision of the storyteller on celluloid to excellence. While the film is visually rich, the underwater sequences stay in your memory. The action sequence are not overcooked and balanced neatly. After constantly being cast in comedy’s film after film, Riteish Deshmukh wagers with a dark, intense, brutal character in Ek Villain a radical shift from what he has depicted thus far and I must add, the actor carries off the modest, sinister streak with genius. A middle class man who’s fighting his inner demons, you take to the performance all the more because Riteish manages to keep it fine-drawn and believable. Sidharth Malhotra is an absolute exposé, catching you with far-reaching surprise as he handles several complex moments with incomparable understanding. Recall the portions that portray him simmering with pent up anger. This must’ve been a challenging character to interpret, since the actor gets to portray varied shades and as he gets into the groove, you realize that the three-film-old actor has come of age. Shraddha Kapoor, the catalyst who moves the story forward, looks stunning and manages to add so much to every frame she features in. Again, the part she gets to portray is not of the run-of-the-mill variety or attractive in the scheme of things, for she has to move the story ahead. After Aashiqui 2 , this a praiseworthy performance that’s sure to increase her huge fan-following. Mohit uses the supporting cast most fittingly. Aamna Shariff is in super form as the nagging wife. Her sequences with Riteish are crisp. Shaad Randhawa is astounding with which he carries off his part is sure to catch your eye. Kamaal R. Khan coils an amusing surprise. He gets to reprise a character that’s sure to be an instant hit with his fans. Remo Fernandes handles his part very well. Asif Basra is perfect. Prachi Desai sizzles in the song ‘Awari’.

EK VILLAIN is a sophisticated, fascinating and petrifying thriller. It is a definite winner! It is commendable that both younger stars Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are giving extraordinary performances earlier this year. Ek Villain to , shows that Sidharth Malhotra is here to stay! He is definite star material. Seems like Karan Johar’s students have learnt well! Ek Villain is a must-watch action-packed and marvellous entertainer. A richly deserved 9/10 from The Bollywood Tempest.



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