Action Jackson : Nothing you haven’t seen before!

Action Jackson : Nothing you haven’t seen before!

Action Jackson by Prabhu Dheva  starts off with the entry of Vishy  played by Ajay Devgn  in his regular fashion that’s combined with élan and style. For reasons unexplained till almost the interval, Vishy is at the target point of many goons who follow him left, right and centre to bump him off. As if this wasn’t enough, Khushi  played by Sonakshi Sinha who ‘experiences good luck’ in succession after seeing Vishy ‘family jewels’.  Vishy adds one more ‘stalker’ to his list! It’s only towards the interval that the audiences get to know that Vishy has a twin by the name of ‘AJ’, who by profession is a killer.

Prabhu Dheva, seems to have gone all out to infuse every possible element in this film .The sad part is that this time round, he nose-dives despondently and falls flat on his face. Going by the looks of it, it seems like Prabhu Dheva was in a tearing hurry to recreate the same magic of his successful films. The look and feel of the film is that of loud South Indian films. While the film drags in the first half endlessly, the second half too barely has anything in it to hold the audience’s attention. As far as the performances are concerned, even the seasoned and ever dependable actor like Ajay Devgn couldn’t save the film. The otherwise composed Ajay seems to be confused  as to what exactly was being required of him to do in the film. There is hardly any element of Ajay Devgn which we haven’t seen in his previous films. The same applies to Sonakshi Sinha, who seems to be repeating all of her previous acts in this film too.

The music was nothing out of the ordinary; the editing had no story to follow. The choreography looked beyond the capabilities of Ajay Devgn. Action Jackson is complete disappointment. It’s a  4/10 from us at the Bollywood Tempest.  The movie might do well at the Box-office but the content and storyline is a complete and epic fail.

3/10 | 1.5 Stars

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