Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na Song Lyrics with Translation [Chennai Express]

Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na Song Lyrics with Translation [Chennai Express]

Meherbaani nahi tumhaaraa pyaar maangaa hai Tumhein manzoor hai tabhee to yaar maangaa hai Gairon ke dar se, tere sheher se Hai kasam rishtaa todun na.. Tera rasta main chhodun na.. Tera rastaa main chhodoon naa..

I have not asked for a favor, but your love.. Since you agree, that’s why only I have asked.. Just because of the fear of others,
With your city, I’ll not break my relation, I swear.. I’ll not let you go..  I’ll not let you go…

Agar ye hai nahi, to phir jaanay pyaar kyaa hai Mere bheetar tu, kise parvaah aur kyaa hai Teraa rastaa chhodun naa, chhodoon naa main teraa rastaa chhodun naa

If this is not love, I don’t know what is..You’re within me, who cares for more..I’ll not let you go…

Zindaa hoon lekin, wo baat nahi hai Haathon mein teraa, jo haath nahi hai Ishq kaa hai naam badaa, maine hai kiyaa kaam badaa Kar ke magar aadhaa chhodoon naa Tere rukh se ye chehraa moDoon naa Tera rastaa main chhodoon naa

I’m alive, but it’s not the same anymore, now that your hand is not in mine.. The name of love is big, and I’ve done a noble deed..
But I’ll not leave it half done.. I’ll not turn away from your face.. I’ll not let you go…

Chaahat hai meree, kusoor nahi hai Dil jazbaatee hai, majboor nahi hai Sar ye bhalay phoot gayaa, jism meraa toot gayaa Khud se kiyaa vaadaa todoon naa Baandhoon sehraa, kafan odhoon naa Tera rastaa main chhodoon naa

It’s my love, not some crime.. The heart is emotional, not helpless.. Even if the head is broken, and the body too, I’ll not break the promise made to myself.. I’ll wear a wedding veil, not a shroud.. I’ll not let you go…

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