Mickey Virus: Review- An unusually fun film worth watching!

Mickey Virus: Review- An unusually fun film worth watching!

The Review

‘Mickey Virus’ is Bollywood`s first flick from the cybernetic world. Manish Paul`s lethargic character is that of a computer hacker who is relaxed and rather slow.  Compassionately debut director Saurabh Varma`s film interchanges in a mood which is rather boldly diverse to the hero`s lazy indiscretions. The film is however very tightly-scripted, wisely-worded and impressively encrypted, ‘Mickey Virus’ drags the hackers hemisphere into the hectic mode. Even if your knowledge with the cybernetic world is nominal, ‘Mickey Virus’ makes for pleasurable watching. It`s trendy, vibrant, spirited and ‘virus-related’ yet vastly demanding about keeping the plot above the lure of throwing virtual weight around. First and foremost, this is a well-woven thriller about an average 20-something Delhi fella who falls in love and falls into a cyber-trap and hits his head into a scam that could destroy his life. To disclose any more of the plot would be similar to giving away the film`s storyline. We can say that Varma knows his cinema as closely as he knows his computer. He textures filmic elements with brilliance.

Delhi is the location of choice of many current, decent films, dramas and thrillers is again caught in menacing confrontational postures. The roads and lanes, Nehru Place or a chowmein outlet, every alfresco location has a story to tell.  Bizarre, how Manish switching fluently from his smug on-stage tricks on reality shows to a kind of languorous screen appearance that is riskily close to Ranbir Kapoor`s Sid-meets-‘Besharam’ act, pulls out all stops to make Mickey look real to the point of being your neighbour`s lad, much in the same way as Ayushmann Khurrana in Vicky Donor. Manish is crazier, more daring in his exploration of adrift urbanite. He is certainly an attention-grabbing actor with an accidental screen presence.

‘Mickey Virus’ gives the debutant a chance to romance the dark side with unselfconscious variability. There is a cutely written amorousness interlaced into the hacker`s tale. Eli Avram in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house shows up as an appearance as Manish`s virtual fantasy named Kungfu Chameli. There is an endearing wooing plan pleasantly not over-interposed by songs.  For a newcomer to bear a thriller expertly there must be some talented actors around him for support. Manish gets Manish Choudhary as a strict docile police officer who needs Mickey`s hacking skills to track a global gang. Choudhary is in good form. But the very talented Varun Badola as Choudhary`s assistant is an act stealer. Saying the film`s memorable lines informally, Varun brings more to his role than what`s written for the character.  Undoubtedly, ‘Mickey Virus’ is Manish`s drive to success. He calmly invites us into his suddenly-troubled world and then influences us to wince at the progressive crisis built around Delhi. The individuality of the plot works successfully in covering up the gaps and rather embarrassing quirks that bridge several dramatic elements in the plot.  The film is very original, colourful, responsive and frenzied, ‘Mickey Virus’ is a `virtually` thought-provoking way for Manish and his director to start their own careers. This is an eccentric movie that deserves a well-deserved 7.5/10!

MICKEY VIRUS Trailer 2013 (Official) | Latest Bollywood Movie | Manish Paul

Tose Naina Song | Mickey Virus | Manish Paul

Exposure to South African cinemagoers

At this year’s inaugural SAIFTA held in South Africa the attendees were given the opportunity to watch the first-look of Mickey Virus – after which Manish Paul and Eli Avram performed a dance piece to a song from this film. While in conversation with the lovely Eli Avram she did say “I am happy about my debut film opposite Manish and she is extremely content to be in South Africa for the SAIFTA’s”.

Manish Paul & Eli Avram at the SAIFTA Awards 2013 Red Carept

Eli Avram poses for The Bollywood Tempest!



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