Krrish 3 review : Hrithik Roshan triumphs in an otherwise mediocre story!

Krrish 3 review : Hrithik Roshan triumphs in an otherwise mediocre story!

If you were to study the comic book history, you would realise that superheroes are the born out of calamitous straits. The birth of the first superheroes came out of world economy sinking in the 1930’s and the World War 2. They formed an escapist formula of entertainment from the discouraging times that individuals lived in. The last decade has seen the same surge in superhero movies being created while the economy is again wavering and the world is in crisis. Krrish 3 comes through as one of India’s best concepts yet in terms of special effects and onscreen magic! Hrithik Roshan is conceivably the most pertinent choice for a superhero film.  Hrithik looks enchanting as Krrish and befitting as India’s superhero and he is polished, suave, macho, drenched with strength and charisma and he can give undoubtedly give the current-day Superman, Batman and Ironman a run for their dollar. When Hrithik takes on the role of Rohit (his character from Koi Mil Gaya) – he chooses to use a very Bollywood treatment to this character which somehow interweaves within this story creating a great watch.

In the third flick of the saga, ‘Krissh 3’ attempts to break the technological barriers that our movie industry faced with large scale action sequences and definitely succeeds in doing so . ‘Krrish 3’ has all the elements of an entertainer and a lot of potential to have given some serious competition to Hollywood superhero flicks. One shouldn’t really criticise the foreseeable plot of this film , after all superhero movies are supposed to be about the triumph of good over evil.  There are flaws that can be found in terms of loopholes within the story and its fluidity. This could have been avoided with better , more solid dialogues with less filmy jargon and editing .You learn to ignore these errors once Krrish rockets into the air! Kangana Ranaut as Kaya   really makes a mark here because she has the most complex character which she plays off with ease, without overdoing it and she deserves praise and appreciation for! ‘Kaal’ played by Viveik Oberoi could have been more evil his superpowers are a mix between Professor Xavier and Magneto from the ‘X- Men’ series. Many of the other villain sidekicks are also ‘X Men’ inspired but Oberoi has done an outstanding job in this role with his statuesque look.  It’s an all out Hrithik movie. He looks good in a costume. He also makes the action and the fights look natural. He pulls off both Rohit and Krishna ‘Krrish’ well. Priyanka Chopra looks pretty as the ‘wife’ and doesn’t have much to do in this film yet adds another element to this film. She is plays her role with utmost ease and panache. Her great chemistry which she shares with Hrithik after Krrish and the commendable Agneepath . However I feel that Kangana easily overshadows Chopra with a more crucial part to play in the movie. The background score by Salim and Suleiman is exceptional which adds the perfect flavour to this flick, but the soundtrack by Rajesh Roshan is seriously flawed as the music sounds very outdated like something we’ve heard before over the last two decades.

‘Krrish 3’ derives heavily from the numerous Hollywood superhero flicks . What works for the movie are the special effects and the action sequences with a fairly interesting but predictable plot. Rakesh Roshan impresses us all yet again with his skillful direction. What undeniably fails is the poorly written dialogues. The film delivers a magnetic superhero formula entangled with spellbinding stunts. The songs of this film could have been a lot more better , maybe it is about time the Roshan’s called in someone like Pritam or Vishal-Shekar!  If you enjoy action films with superhero’s and special effect along with bits of romance then Krrish 3 is an ideal watch for you. The Bollywood Tempest gives Krrish 3  7.5/10.

KRRISH 3 – Official Theatrical Trailer (Exclusive)


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