Kai Po Che – A beautiful tale of friendship- forgiveness & determination! …A must watch!


By Shevaal Singh

Rating : 9/10 

Director: Abhishek Kapoor


  • Sushant Singh Rajput as Ishaan Bhatt as Ishaan
  • Amit Sadh as Omkar Shastri aka Omi
  • Raj Kumar Yadav as Govind Patel


‘Kai Po Che’ is a movie directed by Abhishek Kapoor and is the movie  version of the prevalent author Chetan Bhagat’s third novel ‘The Three Mistakes of Life’ which released in 2008. All the novelist’s fans, critics and the film fanatics have been waiting for the day this movie releases and it surely was worth the wait ! ‘Kai Po Che’ is one of this year’s best movies! , yet it is only February – I can picture this heart-warming ‘bromance’ bagging a few awards this year-‘Kai Po Che’ in the Gujarati phrase used as an expression of triumph during kite flying. The movie voyages the theme of holding onto your dreams and aspirations notwithstanding the odds faced in life and rejoices true friendship. The story is about  friends  Ishaan  played by TV-star turned actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh as Omkar and Govind played by Raj Kumar Yadav who are the closest of friends set in the early 2000’s in the city of  Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Ishan is a happy-go-lucky, youthful young man but loathed by his father for sitting lazy at home and unemployed . His free-spirited performance is characterised by his clothing namely Capri pants worn with a simple vest or t-shirt, flip-flops and tousled hair. His opposite is Govind is more practical and he would always think ten times before making a leap. Omi then, is presented as an individual for whom Ishaan’s is the final word. As the story changes and Omi’s character goes through a sea change only to come to terms with his real self at the end. Taking financial support from Omi’s maternal uncle the three friends open a sports academy/sports shop to earn their living.


When Ishaan meets a 12-year-old boy named Ali then grasps an immensely unexploited cricket potential in him and he takes the gifted young sportsman under his wing. Ishaan gets the purpose of his life. He teaches the boy with extreme determination and an relentless faith. Gloomily  things get intolerable between the friends once the  first- the 2001 Gujarat earthquake hits and 2002 post-Godhra riots leave a unfathomable wound on their friendship with Ishaan taking a stand in support of Ali and his community while Omi boiling with anger over the death of his parents in the riots.


TV-star turned actor, Sushant Singh Rajput is the enchanter in the film. This is his debut Hindi film but one thing is for sure that he is going places, given the fact that he appears to be a natural artiste. Amit Sadh and Raj Kumar Yadav have done their respective parts well. They appear authentic, real and someone who the young male audience could relate to. Manav Kaul as Bittu Mama – Omi’s maternal uncle has put in efforts to give strength to his character of political figure, even Amrita Puri as Vidya (Ishaan’s sister) has added a complementary feature to this tale.


With the Gujarati culture, we all know that music is always loved and needed! , Amit Trivedi – now also known as Bollywood’s one of the most preferred a music director has produced great music for the film. The tracks have been elegantly been placed in the film without deterring the pace of the movie. The shoot locations are appropriate and there has not been a single stone left unturned to capture even the essentials of the book for the film’s screenplay. The real beauty of ‘Kai Po Che’ lies in the details!Post the success of ‘Rock On’, Abhishek Kapoor is undoubtedly created a brilliant piece of cinema and this confirms that he can make respectable films.


The movie receives an outstanding 9/10 from me for its amazing eye for detail in its cinematography and direction. This is a flick that is brimming with practicality and sheer superiority. We finally have a film that is destined to accomplish status and not blur out in the overabundance of ordinariness. Go out and watch this spectacular, heart-warming film about friendship and forgiveness….

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