‘Grand Masti’ Review: Corny, Cheap & Sleazy!

‘Grand Masti’ Review: Corny, Cheap & Sleazy!

By Shevaal Singh

Grand Masti unlike its prequel release Masti –has less of a story and a lot more sleaze. The film has been acclaimed as Bollywood’s first Adult Film.The film launched to full theatres this Friday, the film has made its mark as Bollywood’s 4th highest opening yet in 2013. The prequel ‘Masti’ was much funnier and enjoyable with a good story line which made the film enjoyable by all who watched it. Audiences went in with the same expectation but got nothing less than India’s very own adaption of ‘American Pie’.

Amar, Meet and Prem are three friends we encountered in the first ‘Masti’ and now they are still married (different wives of course) The three friends share non-existent sex lives and when an invitation to their college the ‘Shree Lalchand University of Technology & Science (S.L.U.T.S) reunion, cheap innuendo right… & yes, the rest of the jokes are very obvious as well. They take the chance to go to find some ‘Grand Masti’. Director Indra Kumar elects to go wild with his  truly out of the box approach to comedy!

Majority of the jokes are purely sexual innuendoes which you have heard previously. The sequence of events is spontaneous and has a hint of pure comedy which is then wiped away by ambiguity and lack of storyline. In most scenes there is no build up to comic scenes however there are some parts that look favourable such as the scene where the three heroes are caught unexpectedly with their respective cronies played by Pradeep Rawat who looks around for them. There instances where you simply wish to ask the script writers why they didn’t find more jokes  because Robert’s wife, daughter and sister are named Rose, Mary and Marlow. A minute once they have been introduced the joke is repeated so often that you are left wondering if that was the only bright idea or just a filler! Bruna Abdullah, Kainaat Arora and Maryam Zakaria are playing the hotties who the married men fall for while Karishma Tanna, Manajari Phadnis, Sonalee Kulkarni are the wives.

Riteish stands out although Aftab and Vivek have a good comic timing and they have played their parts well and surely look as if they are having fun. The film exhibited bad dialogues notwithstanding the good comic timing of most of the actors. The film should have been edited with caution and more objectivity in the storyline. The crotch & cleavage shots become too much to handle at times and almost feels like that is the only two options the director had to illustrate that this is India’s first adult film. The story feels very on edge almost like a going nowhere slowing way for example when the women were not objectified profusely  the director feels the need to add in sleazy man-on-man action as the camera shifts focus into in to the inappropriate areas which some may find unpleasant. The three songs in the film feel out of place and unrequired. The film could have been a lot more entertaining without the sleaze factor if the storyline had structure with better dialogues. The three guys have done a praiseworthy job in their respective roles which suited them well as they looked comfortable in every situation!

The film could have been a lot better post its level of anticipation created with the trailer. Bollywood comedy is a genre that needs development and experimental flicks like Grand Masti should be created but with more originality and authenticity rather than creating adaptions. The film has a lot of American Pie elements within it but fails to create a solid impact in terms of story-line and dialogues regardless of the excellent casting and comic experience of the actors. The film gets a 5.5/10 from me! If you are one for corny, sleazy films filled with sexual innuendo then Grand Masti is one for you!

“Grand Masti Trailer” Official Trailer | Riteish Deshmukh | Vivek Oberoi | Aftab Shivdasani


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