D-Day Review : storytelling par excellence with an outstanding cast

D-Day Review : storytelling par excellence with an outstanding cast

By Shevaal Singh,

The much awaited ‘D-Day’ brings to your eyes you a reference to what could be accomplished if an individual adds in what are needed to attain and captivate one man who tops India’s most wanted list. The movie features actors par excellence in this epic the spy thriller that comes from corner to corner as a gasp of fresh air. In this epic director Nikhil Advani known for movies such as Patiala House, Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam-e-Ishq takes the skill of storytelling to different level with utmost success.

So, time to get into the story of …‘D-Day’ , here the stories of 4 RAW agents whom are on a mission to trap and capture someone who is known as the “the goldman” who has been pursuing refuge in Pakistan. Rudra (Arjun Rampal) who is a former army officer, Wali (Irrfan Khan) an Indian living in disguise across the border, Zoya  played by the lovely Huma Qureshi and Aslam ( Aakash Dahiya) who is a criminal-turned police intelligence all have a shared goal  which is to bring back Iqbal (Rishi Kapoor) alive to India. While on his tedious yet the most challenging mission of his career, Rudra finds comfort in a prostitute played by Shruti Haasan. Rudra gets emotionally attached to this stranger woman! Wali on the other hand has a family with who is madly in love. This is a family who was given to him by the years he spent on the foreign land while on a mission for his country.

Zoya too has someone who anticipates her return, her husband however for her duty calls louder than the voices of her near and dear ones. Rudra, Wali, Zoya along with Aslam (who works as Iqbal’s driver) wait for the most important moment of their mission – the wedding of Iqbal’s son – a day which could put value and meaning to the sacrifices they have made in their lives. As the most awaited moment arrives,the four Indians are on their toes and their plan is on the threshold of a successful execution. But will they succeed in attaining their goal be fruitful? The movie will unfold in this riveting tale.

Since we saw Rishi Kapoor ji in Agneepath as Rauf Lala it seems like he is B-town’s most sought after villain. He is rising ambitiously with age and rightfully so, for he has hauled of an unbelievable performance yet again as an outrageously foul gangster, Rishi Kapoor will make you wonder if he is the same chocolate hero lover boy of the 1980s. Irrfan Khan as we all know is an actor beyond excellence and he is marvellous. He has proved time and again that he is a gem that Indian Cinema needs to treasure.

‘D-Day’ possibly will be Arjun Rampal’s best performance till date as he steps into the shoes of is new avatar with excellence and wins hearts in his role as Rudra. The charmingly talented Huma Qureshi is as vivid as at all times in her character and she is here to stay , the girl has a recipe to success which she has been attaining and should stick to it. Nonetheless Akash Dahiya is a prodigious find and is promising.

The supporting cast- Nasser (who plays RAW Chief Ashwini Rao) has conveyed an immaculate performance.The dialogues are unbreakable, crisp and it is appropriate and gels well into the story. The last few lines mouthed by Rishi Kapoor will certainly tickle your funny.The work on editing is well-ordered and aids the story. The director of photography needs a standing ovation for he too has facilitated Advani in his task- to produce a spellbinding film like ‘D-Day’. The background score is heart-warming and fuses effortlessly with the story.

 ‘D-Day’ glorifies those unsung individuals who sacrifice everything including their identities for the country. I am going with 8/10 for Nikhil Advani’s D-Day which is now showing at a cinema near you!

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