Raaz 3 : In 3D !!


Viewers who till date have felt disappointed by the converted version of 3D used in Hindi films, can now look forward to a qualitative change in the upcoming flick Raaz 3

The film will be absolutely hatke where the 3D technology is concerned. The Emraan Hashmi-Bipasha Basu-Esha Gupta starrer has not been converted but actually shot in 3D.

Furthermore, Fox Star Studios especially flew down expert Joe Hagg from the US to supervise the 3D work in the film. Haggs earlier work boasts of James Cameron’s Avatar where the 3D work was painstakingly created to perfection. 

Vijay Singh CEO Fox Star Studios says, “It’s a matter of pride for us to have a world class product in 3D made in India. This fantastic collaboration of international expertise and India’s best talent helped in creating a landmark film for the Indian audience. Watching Emraan, Bipasha and Esha in 3D will make the audiance experience the scenes with the actors.” Singh adds, “In addition to 5.1 Dolby sound we have also mixed the film in 7.1 Dolby sound which will give the viewer a feeling of being in the same room as the person on screen. In fact, post the screening of the film we are seeing a huge demand from the exhibitors for the 3D product across the country.”
Director Vikram Bhatt says, “I can proudly say that I am the only director in India who understands the 3D technology meticulously. The audience will literally live the experience with the actors on screen.”

Bhatt says that it took months trying to create the elements in 3D. He explains, “For the cockroach scene 800 cockroaches have been generated in 3D to attack Esha’s character. This scene will be the iconic scene just like the Shark jumping at the victim in Jaws. Even in the songs the 3D has been enhanced to engage audiences into the music of the film. My thriller drama stands to be completely different in that sense.”

Raaz 3 is presented by Fox Star Studios and produced by Vishesh Films. The film releases on September 7.

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