Ek Tha Tiger : The Review -Yash Raj’s best action movie yet!


BY SHEVAAL SINGH @being_shevaal

Rating : 3.5/5 stars

Star Cast: Salman Khan , Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad.

What’s Good: The cinematography; some twists in the film; the variety of exciting music.

What’s Bad: The plot seems stretched as well as some scenes had this unexplained loops.

Watch or Not: Watch Ek Tha Tiger for Salman Khan who thrills audiences as the ‘tiger’ at the top of his game and definitely for some of the most exciting actions scenes exciting action scenes and Katrina Kaif who eases the action scenes with her beauty and dance moves ! 

The Story

India is in safe hands with RAW spies like Tiger (Salman Khan) who chase, beat and gun down enemies of the state no matter which foreign country they are in. Forever on the move, Tiger’s latest assignment is to observe the movements of a certain Trinity College scientist in the UK. Accustomed to using his fists for getting information, our desi 007 finds it a bit difficult to get close to this aloof scientist.

But there’s the professor’s beautiful housekeeper Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who can help Tiger. In the guise of a writer, Tiger prances around with Zoya and ends up falling for her; just as his colleague Gopi (Ranvir Shorey) had warned him not to.

The twist? Zoya is an ISI agent who is also assigned to keep a tab on the scientist. After a bit of running around the bush (and the globe) Zoya and Tiger decide to leave their government agencies and spend their lives together.

Considering that both of them work for their government’s secret intelligence agencies , this is not going to be a cakewalk. Will they even trust one another?

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