Mystic India: a surreal celebration of Indian heritage & cinema

Mystic India: a surreal celebration of Indian heritage & cinema

Mystic India is a soulful celebration of Indian heritage and its evolution into contemporary India. Blu Blood and AATMA Performing Arts presented theatrical opulence at the Durban ICC.  Being a globally admired dance showcase the production featured charismatic dancers, dynamic music which was thoroughly enjoyed by audiences and a stunning array of intricately crafted costumes and props. Mystic India lives up to its expectations and delivers a spellbinding experience.

The narration of Mystic India seamlessly entwines the various elements of the show in an easy to understand presentation. The showcase features a powerful invocation to Lord Ganesha, a glimpse into the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna and the iconic love story of Jodhaa-Akbar along with acts that explore an assortment of both dance and musical genres combining folk, classical and modern influences.  Through Mystic India, audiences journeyed through Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, and the progression of Bollywood cinema.

Mystic India is brilliantly choreographed by Amit Shah, the founder and creative director of AATMA Performing Arts and Kruti Shah – an internationally distinguished dancer and choreographer who rose to fame as a top-10 finalist on the dance reality show- Just Dance.  Mystic India is truly a gem! Shah and his entire team of dancers truly created a memorable experience.  The entire showcase exuded sophistication and elegance. The synchronisation, costumes, music and enthralling storytelling makes Mystic India an extraordinary experience proudly presented by Blu Blood.

Johannesburg – get ready to be entertained! Mystic India: World Tour is coming to your city on 26 April and from 29 April to 1 May at the Teatro- Montecasino. Tickets are available from COMPUTICKET.

  • © Written & Compiled by Shevaal Singh
  • Event Coverage: The Bollywood Tempest
  • Photography: Lens 3


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