Breaking News: Bombay High Court suspends Salman Khan’s 5-Year sentence!

Breaking News: Bombay High Court suspends Salman Khan’s 5-Year sentence!

Salman khan!

Great news for Salman Khan & the movie fraternity! Salman Khan’s sentence for five years has been suspended by the Bombay High Court and the actor will furnish a fresh bail bond at the Sessions Court. He will be granted bail. He’s a free man for now ! There are some new twists in  the story . On May 6, 2015: Salman Khan appeared before the Sessions Court in Mumbai. Verdict : Sentenced to 5 years of jail term under culpable homicide not amounting to murder and at 4 pm : Bombay High Court granted him a 48 hour extension on bail while Salman remained in judicial custody at the Sessions Court. On May 8, 2015 at 11 am: Salman Khan’s family along with his lawyer attend the hearing of his case at the Bombay High Court, but Salman remains at home because he’s not needed during the session.

There are new developments in the case: Fourth Person Angle : The fourth person was Kamaal Khan, Salman’s friend and singer. Salman Khan’s lawyer pointed out why the fourth person in the car at the time of the accident was not examined by the prosecution! The prosecution confirms that fact that they knew that there was a fourth person present in the car and they did not interrogate him. Salman Khan’s lawyer also falls under the spot light for not raising this Kamaal Khan issue before the Sessions Court. The possibily is that Salman will get bail after a bail and the matter will be heard by the Bombay High Court in an Appeal. Kamaal Khan, singer and friend of Salman might be called back to India (He is however,not an Indian citizen) for interrogation if summoned by the court. The matter will be heard on appeal at the Bombay High Court on July 15th.

How does this affect Bollywood? Salman Khan has three incomplete film shoots and a sum total of 30 Million USD resting on him the news that He will not be facing jail time now is without the best news for the producers of his upcoming films. Salman Khan has always been committed to giving back to the community and assisting the poor and underprivileged as well as people suffering from numerous health issues and his brand Being Human funds many charities and causes and assists the underprivileged .

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho heroine Daisy Shah tweets: Daisy Shah ✔@ShahDaisy25 The kindness of a man has been judged by the god himself… Good deeds never go in vain. Thank you 1 n all for the prayers n love. Singer Adnan Sami with must excitement and relief says that God is Great!!! I’m extremely happy for Salman!! He deserves this relief… Even God judges us at the END of our lives.. God gives us many chances before that end to sort ourselves out…Therefore we must give each other the chance to resolve our lives during our lifetime… Salman is a new & improved man not just for himself but for the world… Salute to the Judiciary!!!

In our opinion, the Bombay High Court has decided correctly, many will argue that this is wrong and it’s because he is famous and has money, he is getting off lightly but with all honesty- don’t punish him more severely  because he is an actor or someone in the spotlight! India’s judicial system is only dealing with this matter 13 years after the incident took place. The 5 year jail sentence it self is harsh and unfair  in comparison to other judgments made by Indian courts when sentencing far harsher and severe crimes that did not take place negligently but with intention.

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