***Bol Bachchan Review: Script Analysis***

The story of Bol Bachchan uses the basic plot of Golmaal and expands upon it. In fact, the film has many references to the original.

Yunus Sajawal has weaved a screenplay that is not only engaging but also very entertaining. Of course, many will find the going-ons to be brainless, but even such detractors will not be able to hold their laughter.

The characterizations are supremely amusing – be it the broken English-speaking Prithviraj, or the gay-dancer Abbas. All the obfuscation going on in the film leads to many situations where the viewers laugh out loud. The screenplay also provides ample scope for action sequences, which add to the entertainment quotient.

Sajid-Farhad’s rib tickling dialogues are the best thing about the movie. Viewers will especially relish the English one-liners mouthed by Prithviraj.

*** Bol Bachchan Review: Star Performances***

Abhishek Bachchan performs competently in the double role. His portrayal of the gay dancer is amusing. He could have done better in the climax scene though.

Ajay Devgan is in his element as Prithviraj, the strongman with the soft heart. He is good in the action sequences. Asin performs ably. Prachi Desai does alright in a small role.
Krishna Abhishek, whom many viewers might know from the small screen, is very good in his comedy timing and expressions. Asrani delivers in a short role. Neeraj Vohra is also very good. Archana Puran Singh elicits laughter from the audience. Amitabh Bachchan provides star value in a special appearance. The rest offer average support….

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